About Us

Remote Georgia is a recruitment agency helping companies abroad hire full-time remote employees in Georgia. With over seven years of tech recruitment experience, we effectively connect our clients with the competitive candidates on the market, handling the full recruitment cycle.

We partner with tech education institutions, run talent sourcing campaigns, and have access to the best remote talent database that includes thousands of potential employees.

Our recruiters specialize in the following industries: IT, Marketing, Tech, Product Management, and Product Development.

Why Hire Remote Talents in Georgia

As the world becomes more digital, the demand for tech talents increases daily, while local markets are running short. The imbalance naturally takes a financial toll on employers and creates an unfavorable dynamic. Companies struggle not only with finding talents within a reasonable price range but also having to constantly compete to retain them.

Outsourcing tech positions globally is the smartest move a company can make in response to these challenges and has proven to be a game-changer for many already.

Hiring abroad allows you to tap into a global talent pool and not limit yourself to restraints of what the local market has to offer.


Competitive Talent Pool

There’s a robust movement in Georgia when it comes to the tech industry and education. The Georgian government is actively supporting international tech companies operating in the country, alongside investing in educational institutions.

The number of talents that have joined the tech field in recent years has been unprecedented. It further increased as the pandemic hit, as more and more people were looking for global remote employment opportunities.

On top of knowledge and experience, what gives Georgian talents a competitive edge is good command of English as the government has invested greatly in English language education programs.


Georgia is a small European country with a developing economy. Since local employers are unable to offer attractive salaries, many people prefer to look for remote job opportunities.


It is no exaggeration to say that companies in developed countries can cut down salary budgets three to five times when hiring a remote employee abroad. 

Connecting with talents in Georgia allows you to gain a valuable employee while optimizing your financial resources and creating wonderful job opportunities globally.

More Stable than Freelance


Although an increasing number of employers are hiring freelancers, it comes with its drawbacks. Finding the right match within a reasonable price range, orienting hires to projects, controlling the input and the quality can often be fairly tedious.


Hiring a full-time remote employee allows both employees and employers for a more stable collaboration, including on-boarding, training, and working together.